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My property has been damaged, what do I do?

Firstly, contact your Insurance Company as soon as possible. It is a good idea to have ready a list of all visible damages so you can give a clear description of what has happened. If your property has been affected by such claim events as Storm / Water / Fire or Impact damage, discuss this with your Insurer so they can determine if any emergency repairs are required to ensure the area is safe and secure.

When will work commence on my property?

After your claim is approved you may be required to pay excess and/or sign the builder's contract (Scope of Works). Once these things are completed, we will contact you to work out a convenient schedule to allow tradespeople onto your property to commence work.

Why would I need to pay an excess?

Your Insurance Company will confirm with you if your policy has a payable excess at the time of lodging the claim. In many cases, the insurer will request that the builder collect the excess on their behalf. If this applies to your policy, we will confirm this in writing to you along with the amount due. Your excess must be paid before work can commence.

How do I pay my excess?

There are three payment methods for paying your excess;

  • By Phone with a Credit Card - Call our office on 1300 794 917 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday
  • By Mail - Send a cheque payable to WA Insurance Builders Pty Ltd to PO BOX 204, Joondalup DC, 6919
  • By Direct Deposit:
    Account Name - WA Insurance Builders Pty Ltd 
    BSB - 036 231 
    Account Number - 494575 
    Please quote your WA Insurance Builders reference number in the description field when paying by Direct Deposit

How long will the work take?

Many factors determine how long repairs to your property may take – the type and extent of the damage, the availability of repair materials, the weather etc. – but needless to say, we ensure the fastest turnaround possible to the highest standard of quality.

What happens if additional damage is found that was not included in the initial assessment?

Bring any new damage found to our attention and our team will assess it, and if it is covered within your insurance policy and part of the same claim event, the work will be added to your claim.

Is Maintenance covered?

If there is maintenance issues due to general wear and tear on your property found at the time of the initial assessment, please be aware these may not be covered under your policy. Maintenance work is therefore to be carried out by the insured prior to any claim related damages commencing. Our assessor will explain to you at the time of inspection what repairs are required to be done.

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